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The Jigsaw Trash Screen sensor has two analogue probes measuring the depth of the water in front of and behind the trash screen.

If the screen is blocked, then the water in front will build up and a differential between the front and back reading will trigger the unit to send the readings to the web service and raise an alarm by text or e-mail.

If the level in front of the trash screen remains in step with the back of the screen, but still builds up to a dangerous level, then this may indicate that there is a capacity issue, or a downstream blockage.

The front flood level and the front to back differential level are constantly logged by the system, and even if there are no alarms raised, the data will allow normal flow rates to be determined and gauge the build up on the screen at different times of the year making scheduled cleaning regimes as efficient as possible.

Flood PRobes …

The Trash Screen Sensor has two analogue depth probes which can continually measure water depth and front/back differential level with a resolution of 5mm

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