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Web Based Environmental Monitoring Jigsaw Road Gully Silt build up and flood Level Detection

Jigsaw have developed a system to detect the build up of silt in road gullies. The system has been extensively trialed and proven.

Sensors are mounted in the gully using a universal fixing bracket which allows the probe to be installed at a consistent height relative to the outfall.

The sensor detects standing water in the gully pot and three flood alarm levels, the highest detecting road surface water flooding.

The silt sensors are analogue in nature and detect gradual silt build up in the gully, as well as transient events such as leaves filling the gully.

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The Gully Silt Detector transmits readings by radio to a local, battery powered hub. The hub manages as many gullies as are in range and periodically sends the readings to a web service where they are displayed as graphs of level against time.

Flood level and battery condition are also transmitted, and the hub can be configured to immediately connect to the server if a flood event occurs

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