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Web Based Road Traffic Accident Detection Jigsaw Jigsaw road flooding Detectors

Using much of the infrastructure developed for the road gully monitoring system, Jigsaw have designed three different solutions to detect surface water flooding on roads.

All three methods have been partially prototyped to prove the conceptual designs function as required, but none have been on-developed as a manufactured solution.

All three solutions are based on proven electronics and use our established GPRS/3G hub infrastructure.

Jigsaw are looking for partners to take the designs forward through trials and on to full production.

System Features :

Three versions are available - in gully multi level sensor, and single level gully grate mounted sensor and kerb side sensor.

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The individual sensors and the hot-spot hub report their status regularly to the web service even when there are no floods detected to ensure that the system is functioning and that battery levels are correct for reliable operation. Any flood events are logged on the web site and e-mail and text alarms generated as required.

In Gully Multi-level sensor

Grate Sensor

Kerbside Sensor