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Web Based Pump Monitoring System Jigsaw Phone :  01942 621 786 Sales :   sales@jigsawenvironmental.com Phone :  01942 621 786 Sales :   sales@jigsawenvironmental.com  Address : Jigsaw Offices, Pemberton Business Centre,  Richmond Hill, Pemberton, Wigan, Lancashire WN5 8AA Jigsaw Generator Monitor

The jigsaw Generator Monitor is aimed at emergency generators where the system is triggered to run when the mains fails, or to be used in isolated locations where mains power is not available.

Even though the generator is not running most of the time, it is critical that it is available when required so this system is aimed at monitoring the idle status of the gen’ set, and also the performance when the generator is running.

System Features :Web services

All of the above parameters are fed back to a central web service which can manage one or many pumps.

Data from the generator may be viewed anywhere through the web service on phone, tablet or PC.

If required the data may be sent in real time to existing corporate management system.