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Real Time, Web Based Flood Monitoring Jigsaw Phone :  01942 621 786  Sales :   sales@jigsawenvironmental.com Address : Jigsaw Offices, Pemberton Business Centre,  Richmond Hill, Pemberton, Wigan, Lancashire WN5 8AA Jigsaw Environmental Flood Level Alarm

The Jigsaw Flood Level Alarm is a self contained, battery powered sensor which periodically checks to see if a flood level has been breached. The system detects three levels of flood, reporting the level change each time it occurs. If no floods are detected, then the sensor will connect anyway for reassurance that the probe is operating, and to report back the battery level for system maintenance purposes.

To raise flood alarms, the probe connects to the Internet using the GSM (mobile phone) data network. The system can use SIM’s from any of the major service providers. The batteries in the system will typically  last over a year, but the system reports back battery status on each connection.

The flood probe has three conductive sensors which can be trimmed to the required length on site so that they trigger at the required flood depth. The status of the probe is sent to a web service so that multiple users can have access to the live situation screen. The system can raise e-mails and text alerts through the web service to warn of the flood event.

The flood probe sensor cable can be trimmed so that the three flood levels conform to the recognised flood warning levels

Flood PRobe … Flood Warning Server … Phone :  01942 621 786 Sales :   sales@jigsawenvironmental.com