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Environmental Real Time, Web Based Environment Monitoring Jigsaw Unique Product Innovation

Jigsaw have produced a range of  environmental products driven by market requirements and direct requests to produce products that have not existed before. These products cover a wide range of applications but all centre around detecting problems, reporting them in real time, then launching texts or e-mails, or interfacing to third party systems to raise an alarm.

Products can use other means of communication, but all have the ability to transfer data using the GSM network to connect with the Internet, either directly or through a local hub,  so that the solutions may be used anywhere in the world.

Global Solutions Flood Level Logger

This continuously measures and logs water levels, reporting immediately if pre-set levels are breached.

More ... Road Gully Monitor

This sensor can be fitted to a road gully where it monitors and records silt and flood levels, reporting back to a central web service.

More ... Flood Level Alarm

This device detects up to three Flood Levels reporting each level change.

More ... Gully Block System

This device continuously monitors and logs  various sensors and on site alarms and triggers a site gully block if spillages are detected.

More ... Road Accident Detection

This sensor can be fitted to various types of crash barriers and will report immediately if the barrier is struck.

More ... Trash Screen Logger

This continuously measures and logs water levels either side of a trash screen reporting when differential is too great, or flood level too high.

More ... Road Flooding Detection

This sensor can be fitted to a road gully and reports when the gully floods.

More ... Pelleted Fuels Monitor

This sensor can be fitted to pelleted fuels storage bins to warn suppliers when fuel stocks are getting low.

More ... Pump Monitor

This system monitors pump run hours, fuel level, sump level and battery voltage - ideal for emergency flooding pumps management.

More ... Generator Monitor

This system monitors generator run hours, fuel level and battery voltage - ideal for standby generator management.

More ... Compactor Monitor

This system monitors waste compactors, feeding back to a web service when the attached container is 60%, 80 % or full.

More ...