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Jigsaw Phone :  01942 621 786 Sales :   sales@jigsawenvironmental.com For More information :  Phone :  01942 621 786 Sales :   sales@jigsawenvironmental.com Trash Compactor Monitoring System Jigsaw Compactor monitor

The jigsaw Compactor Monitoring system continually monitors trash compactors, warning support staff when they are approaching capacity to better schedule pick up of the compacted waste.

By displaying the fill-empty-fill cycle of each compactor on the web site it is easy to predict and hence plan when the compactor will next need emptying.

The system monitors the compactor cycle and triggers warnings when the compactor is 60%, 80% and completely full.

The web site is configured to display the current status on a map display, showing just a single compactor, or all compactors nearby, and their status.

Corporate Interface

If a collection management and invoicing system already exists, then the Jigsaw web server can interface directly with this, server to server.

Address : Jigsaw Offices, Pemberton Business Centre,  Richmond Hill, Pemberton, Wigan, Lancashire WN5 8AA