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Web Based Pelleted Stock Monitoring System Jigsaw Jigsaw bulk Guard

The Jigsaw Bulk Guard monitors the level of bulk fuel left in the storage bin using three digital sensors. A fourth sensor may be added which can detect overfill of the bin, raising a local alarm to stop the delivery.

The system also has an input to directly monitor the boiler operating minutes.

The sensors are easily fitted through the side of the bulk bin and can be independently positioned to give the most accurate reading of the product left in the bin.

The stock level is displayed on the control unit on four LED’s giving a clear picture of the current level. Typically, the sensors would be set up so that green is >50%, amber <30%, yellow <20%, red <10%.

As the status changes, the current level is sent in real time to the web server where it is then available for site owner or bulk stock supplier to view. As the level changes, e-mails may be triggered to be sent to actively warn users of low stocks.

System Features :Phone :  01942 621 786 Sales :   sales@jigsawenvironmental.com  Address : Jigsaw Offices, Pemberton Business Centre,  Richmond Hill, Pemberton, Wigan, Lancashire WN5 8AAPhone :  01942 621 786 Sales :   sales@jigsawenvironmental.com