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UK Largest CNG Site opens in Leyland.

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10 Years Ago, Jigsaw forced a sea change in the fuel management industry with the launch of the Eclipse Real Time, Web Based Fuel Management System. Well - we’ve done it again ! With a bright new look and many unique innovations we can justly claim to be raising the bar … AGAIN !.


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The largest independent CNG refuelling station in the UK has opened at Leyland, Lancashire. Jigsaw have supplied the web based fuel management system, interfacing to the Italian SAFE pumps using a serial pump protocol.

Multiple customers fleets use the same pumps and the Jigsaw system manages the data so that invoices may be raised to the fleet owner.

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Full MID (Weights and Measures) Approval.

The Jigsaw Eclipse is now fully approved for resale with a wide range of dispensers. The Approval is valid with and without a receipt printer and covers all the access devices currently available.